Classical Sogo Warrior Martial Sciences



By John Viol

One of the most powerful, meaningful, and motivational expressions in authentic martial sciences is Renma. Kanji for Renma was prominently displayed in the Uchi-Deshi quarters I lived in while training in Japan.
Martial Kanji Renma

REN = train; tempering; cultivation; improve

MA = drill; polish; refine

MEANING SHORT - To cultivate and achieve perfection through tempered training.

MEANING DETAILED - The classic saying - "Practice makes perfect" may seem similar in meaning to what Renma is about however, Renma has a much deeper connotation, particularly to those Warriors and those who are dead serious about their training, development and achievement. Renma reminds us that to achieve perfection in martial sciences or any biomechanical endeavor requires extremely diligent and never ending tempering, polishing, and refinement. This requires an almost super human attitude and effort from the trainee.

Renma is not for the easily discouraged or those who look for shortcuts. Renma is an attitude adopted by those with a sincere desire to excel and perfect their skills for actual and practical combat application. Renma is the superior training method used in the elite martial sciences to archive optimal results. Renma is what all students should constantly be reminded of and strive for. Ren reminds us that there is a tremendous difference between practicing and training - a very powerful realization that will transform you. Renma takes extreme discipline.

Read the other meanings of Ren and Ma below to get an even better feeling for what Renma represents. Morph them all together and you will see that Renma is particularly relevant to the martial science trainee. Note the references to Daruma and Sword polishing. Do some Internet research about Daruma to find out more details. Helpful link - Those in the Menkyo system know of the sword polishing stages and their relationship to training in the Sogobujutsu curriculum.

REN RELATED KANJI RENKO = skills acquired through hard training; feats of practice

RENSHU = Training RENSHUSEI = student; trainee

RENSHUJO = practice ground; practise ground

RENSEI = Training; drilling

RENTATSU = expert(ise); skill; dexterity (An Expert ((in,at)), a veteran ((of, at))

TANREN = tempering; forging; hardening; disciplining; training

CHOREN = military drill; training

JUKUREN = skill; dexterity

MA RELATED KANJI (NOTE: The Kanji for Ma is also pronounced Gaku)

SESSATAKUMA = cultivate one's character by studying hard; diligent application

DARUMA = daruma; tumbling doll; An Icon representing the phrase, 7 times down, 8 times up.

HYAKUSENRENMA = be schooled by adversity in many battles; being rich in life's experience

MASAI = polishing one's sword or talents or knowledge

MIGAKU = to polish; to shine; to brush; to refine; to improve

WAZA O MIGAKU = to improve one's skill CHI O MIGAKU = to cultivate wisdom

After some thought, you will agree that displaying the Kanji of RENMA is not only very appropriate in a martial environment, it is crucial to have it as a constant reminder of what is necessary to transcend from merely good into greatness. RENMA Kanji is available on a poster for you if you wish to have one.


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