United States Martial Tactical Association

Martial Tactical Training And Certification

About The US Martial Tactical Association

The United States Martial Tactical Association is a national non-profit organization dedicated to the development and advancement of Martial Tactical® training.

Founded in November 2000, the primary objective of the United States Martial Tactical Association is to provide the specialized Martial Tactical training, programs, and curricula to our members.


To provide optimal martially-based strategies, tactics, and actions that will serve as preventative protection measures which can be employed by civilians, professionals, or military personnel as an expedient toward neutralizing personal threats in daily life.

* Although our Martial Tactical training is extremely beneficial to our many Military, Law Enforcement, Security, and professional associates, our training primarily focuses on the needs of private citizens for personal protection.

Note: Please do not confuse or compare this type of specialized training with common self-defense or martial “arts” methods.