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The United States Martial Tactical Association held a two day intensive Instructor Training Course on Veteran's Day weekend - November 12th and 13th. Candidates from all around the United States attended. Below are the graduates of the course. They are now front line representatives for the US-MTA, qualified and eager to train you.

US-MTA Certified Instructors
Pictured above not in order: John Linebarger, Michael Dunphy, John Paxton, Louis Begue, Todd Pearson, John Parks, Gerald Bernier, Jeffrey Langholtz, Roger Remillard, Richard Caron, Bryan LaBrecque, Jean Merilan, Ray Linebarger, Martin Santillan, Mitchell Shacter, Otto Ameperosa, Donald Alley, Aaron Harneck, Greg Boliard, Alexander Lanshe, James Del Garbino, Shari Lewis, Diana Giannetti, Gus Lanshe, Richard Sacco, Kyle Whiddon, Amanda Froelich, Joshua Kovalchuk, Joe Mills, Fedrico Luna, and Berge Avesian

US-MTA Certified Instructor Page HERE



US Martial Tactical Michigan Force Training Seminar
US-MTA Director John Viol demonstrating folding knife tactics at sampler in Michigan.

There was a huge turnout for the US-Martial Tactical training seminar at the Suishinkan - Athletic Republic center in Pontiac Michigan. Participants were introduced to Phase 2 of martial tactical training. Photos courtesy of Jean Merilan - Thank you Jean!

US Martial Tactical Association Training Seminar Michigan Force
Participants working on Torso Targets

Phase 2 training included a wide variety of martial tactical applications including the tactical pen, flashlight, folding knife, baton, and unarmed equivalents. See the US Martial Tactical YouTube Channel for a brief sampler video.

US Martial Tactical Training Seminar Tactical Pen Tactical Flashlight
Participants learned phase 2 of the tactical pen, tactical flashlight, tactical baton, folding knife and more.

Phase 2 martial tactical training included some Force-on-Force training where attackers attack full force against a protector with a firearm. Participants were also treated to using our IES interactive shooting simulator which is used by the US Secret Service, FBI, CIA, Federal Air Marshals, all branches of the Military, and many Law Enforcement departments.

US Martial Tactical Training Seminar Force-on-Force
Demonstration of Force-on-Force training.

The event was sponsored and coordinated by John Parks of the Suishinkan at the Athletic Republic in Pontiac Michigan. Mr. Parks was presented with certificates of appointment as a Primary Member, certificate of commission as the Michigan state representative of the US-MTA, certificate of registration as an official US-MTA school, and a certificate of appreciation. John deserves a lot of praise for his outstanding efforts in coordinating the event. It was a lot of work and John handled it all flawlessly.

US Martial Tactical Training Seminar John Parks Certificate
Michigan State Representative John Parks receiving multiple US-MTA certificates

The event was well attended by many US-MTA members and representatives from all over. Members from Arizona, Michigan, Ohio, Florida and other states. Participants from Canada were also there.

US Martial Tactical Training Seminar John Linebarger Certificate
Arizona State Representative John Linebarger also received multiple US-MTA certificates

Special thanks goes to Arizona state representative and Primary Member John Linebarger for his participation and contributions to the event. Mr. Linebarger's efforts helped make it possible for the event to be presented in the most professional manner. His participation along with other state representatives shows the national support structure of the United States Martial Tactical Association.

United States Martial Tactical YouTube Videos US Martial Tactical YouTube Channel
We have recently uploaded a couple new videos to YouTube.


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