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Martial Tactical Training


Martial Tactical training focuses on reality based, armed and unarmed, practical solutions to real world close quarters combative encounters faced by private citizens and professionals. Primary emphasis is placed on tactics and applications of recommended modern daily carry items and their unarmed equivalents. Contact us if you would like try Martial Tactical training or if you would like to host a Martial Tactical training seminar in your area.

Daily Carry Items

US Martial Tactical Five Training Weapons
Bottom to top - Baton, tactical pen, folding knife, tactical flashlight, pistol. Not intended to be carried all at once.

US Martial Tactical TACTIPS - Optimize your martial training.
US Martial Tactical Training

What distinguishes Martial Tactical training is the optimized training curriculum, specialized programming method of instruction, and professional instruction by our certified and licensed instructors.

US Martial Tactical Training Seminars
Martial Tactical training seminar in Michigan featuring the baton.

FIREARMS INSTRUCTIONUS Martial Tactical Firearms Instructon Shooting Simulator

The US Martial Tactical Association provides firearms training for personal protection. We can help you develop and polish your shooting skills with our leading edge interactive IES Use of Force Shooting Simulator and Force-on-Force training. We can also prepare you and guide you through getting your concealed carry permit. Afterwards, we can help you maintain your firearms skill to any level you desire.




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